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We provide extended education for the underprivileged youth in Bangladesh.

Dreams Have No Boundaries helps students to grow within their communities through teaching various subjects and holding career workshops. Our biggest focus is to sharpen their English and computer skills. By learning English, and along with other computer skills, students will have an easier time transitioning into the workforce after college.

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What We

Are Doing

We are obtaining basic lesson plans in English and Math. In addition to teaching these subjects, we are also helping our students familiarize themselves with computer and computer programs. We are also giving our students career preparation knowledge, which includes building resumes and practicing for interviews.

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Words From
Our Founder

My name is Dila Ali. I’ve always wanted to help out homeless people and kids who needed more education. However, it wasn’t until I visited Bangladesh in 2018 did I realize that I needed to do something on my own.

After spending some time in the village where my parents came from, I realized that the kids were deprived of education. I saw that the kids were all very eager and smart. They were willing to do more but they were never given the chance to do so. I thought, “Let’s educate the kids. Let’s teach them how to use the computer, how to speak English. Let’s give them the skills to do the tasks that we do on a daily basis.” If the kids are educated, then they are able to help themselves.


Dila Ali

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